Using your phone for video is tricky. The hardest part is to keep the phone steady enough to make the video worth watching. The answer is to fasten the phone to a gimbal as this will absorb and counter any unsteady movement that you get by just holding the phone in your hand.

I have just purchased a  Zhiyun Smooth Q3  to use with my phone.

Other options are listed here.

Here are a few highly-regarded gimbals for your phone or camera.

Check that it will take the weight of your kit.

DJI OM-5  - nimble, lightweight, and portable production tool that promises pro-level results

ZHIYUN CRANE M3 PRO -  Compact and lightweight at just 1kg, Capable of supporting full-frame mirrorless systems

ZHIYUN WEEBILL 2PRO+a quick-action, responsive, and advanced stabilisiation system for your mirrorless or DSLR camera

MOZA AIRCROSS 2 - A well-featured gimbal and tremendous value for money.

Some fluid tripod video heads for you to consider:

MANFROTTO BEFREE 3-WAY - compact, lightweight and versatile 

MANFROTTO 504Xa new fluid technology that massively boosts smoothness and judder-free pan/tilt movements

3 LEGGED THING AIRHED CINE STANDARD - great for travel. The detachable arm and 165° tilt range makes it the perfect tripod head for both photography and video work

Making advances in video production is usually based on two things:

   - experience

   - additional technical equipment


Experience does not come through time alone, it also comes by watching and learning from the videos that other video photographers have made.

There are many examples on YouTube.


Additional equipment means that you are becoming really serious.

Probably everything that you need is contained within the Manfrotto MOVE Ecosystem. My recommendation is that if you like what you see and can bear the cost, then getting all your additional equipment from within this one system will ensure complete compatibility throughout.

It is worth noting that this system is designed with the mirrorless camera in mind.


The essential purpose of a gimbal is to absorb unwanted camera movements so that they do not show up in the final video. They even allow smooth recordings to be made while you are walking.

They also allow additional camera angles that are difficult to get with a hand-held camera (for example, getting a low or very high angle on the subject).




Mounting your camera on a fluid video head provides very smooth pan and tilt movements when your camera is on a tripod.




Тhе Gіmbооm is a fаѕt ехtеnѕіоn ѕуѕtеm on which a gimbal can be mounted in order tо асhіеvе both grоund-lеvеl ѕhооtіng аnd drоnе реrѕресtіvе ѕhооtіng uр tо 3.5m іn thе аіr.

Тhe Manfrotto gimbооm wоrkѕ ѕеаmlеѕѕlу wіth Маnfrоttо'ѕ МVG220 аnd МVG460 саmеrа gіmbаlѕ. It is a part of the new Manfrotto Move Ecosystem.


When it is difficult to see your camera screen it is helpful to connect the camera to a free-standing monitor. The better monitors also allow recording and reviewing off-camera. These are invaluable in situations when safe/comfortable access to the camera screen/viewfinder is difficult.


Drones may be seen as the ultimate 'boy's toy', but in reality they allow you to capture your subject from a unique and otherwise unattainable high and/or distant angle.

Whichever of these accessories you think will help you to improve your creativity (or even commercial advantage) it is important to judge the cost against the benefit. This has to be an individual decision.

Some of the best free-standing screens/monitors:

Recommended drones:

ATOMOS NINJA V Pro -  designed to bethe ultimate HDMI Monitor/Recorder unit

ATOMOS SHINOBI 5 inch -features a ‘run all day' single battery, 1000nit high brightness screen, HDR capability and advanced functions that are easy to use

DJI MINI 2 FLY MORE COMBO - the DJI Mini 2 is small but powerful, beginner-friendly and boasts impressive performance for such a tiny, lightweight drone.

DJI MAVIC AIR 2 FLY MORE COMBO - enables instant access to everything that is needed for professional videography and photography

DJI MINI SE - an ultra-lightweight and highly portable drone


The simplest and probably the most effective route into a system of compatible accessories is to invest in the Manfrotto MOVE Ecosystem. I do not possess this system but I know that it has been very well reviewed and raved about amongst those photographers that use it.

In the US: Review it here

The only item in this system that I might substitute is the drone. There are other very highly regarded drones available (see above).

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